Articles Listed by Topic

Artificial Intelligence

1. Getting AI to Work for You
2. Technophobia
3. Learning from Failure
4. CAS Regulations for AI
5. Liars Dividend
6. NYT v. the LLMs
7. Looking Back on 2023
8. AI for the Global South
9. Human Writing
10. Governing the Governors
11. Pandora's Box
12. Managing AI Disruption
13. Proof of Humanness
14. Mad AI Disease
15. Neither Good Nor Bad
16. Musical Intelligence
17. Fear of the Unknown
18. Rule Makers
19. In-Built Bias
20. Ill-Advised Advisory
21. AI's GDPR Problem
22. Pro-Innovation Regulation
23. Containing AI
24. Does AI Copy
25. Momentous Change
26. Truth and LLMs
27. It's Getting Real
28. The Language Barrier
29. Should AI own IP
30. We Don't Need Large Datasets
31. It’s better to use incentives than diktats to develop AI
32. Rising machine intelligence is a double-edged sword
33. Machines can err but humans aren’t infallible either
34. It’s time to frame rules for our artificial companions
35. Ridding the judicial system of human subjectivity
36. Using artificial intelligence more effectively
37. Artificial Intelligence and the Law of the Horse
38. Tabula Rasa
39. Collaborative AI
40. The Rise of the Machines

Autonomous Technology

1. The perilous consequences of automation dependency
2. Autonomous transportation at scale is here
3. Will humans be part of the wars of the future?
4. Unintended consequences of autonomous transportation
5. War of the machines
6. Ready for the day the Machines Take Over
7. The Rise of the Machines
8. The Ethics of Automation


1. Casino or Computer
2. Proof of Humanness
3. The Unified Ledger
4. Sufficient Decentralisation
5. A New Digital Coin
6. Virtually Mine
7. Crypto Regulation
8. The Future of Title
9. Non Fungible Tokens
10. The CBDC Alternative
11. What the top court’s order means for virtual currencies
12. UPI is world-class and it’s time to take it international
13. The futility of prohibiting bitcoin trade
14. Bitcoin and the law of centralization
15. Blockchain Land Records
16. Cutting out the Middleman
17. Blockchain Governance

Business of Law

1. Embracing ODR
2. Lawyer, Disrupt Thyself
3. Accessible Legal Systems
4. Judicial Sector Reform
5. A golden opportunity to reform India’s judicial system
6. Online Dispute Resolution
7. Store data efficiently to get insights for justice reforms
8. Adaptive legal advice for shape-shifting businesses
9. Ridding the judicial system of human subjectivity
10. Disruption and innovation in the legal industry
11. The need for innovation in the legal sector
12. A game of Chinese whispers in the Aadhaar case
13. Will technology be able to disrupt the legal industry?
14. Collaborative AI
15. The Demise of the Artisanal Lawyer

Climate Change

1. Virtual Power Plants
2. Solar Geoengineering
3. Green Fuel
4. Setting the Standard
5. The case for meat options that taste like the real thing
6. Getting the Earth out of the Anthropocene period
7. The Great Manure Crisis of 1894


1. Sharp Lines
2. Overlap
3. Competition in Telecoms
4. How to make online payments bustle with competition
5. Algorithmic collusion is a possibility to watch out for
6. The competition law and data advantage conundrum
7. Of digital competition and data transfer principles
8. For the digital world, customer is truly king
9. Intermediating supply and demand
10. Colluding Algorithms

Content Moderation

1. Moderating Systems
2. Dis-Content
3. Appealing Moderation
4. Backfire
5. Intermediaries Liable
6. Gatekeepers at the Edge
7. Moderating with Moderation
8. Shield online platforms for content moderation to work
9. The value of scepticism in the age of deep-fake videos
10. The challenge of detecting fake content
11. History shows us how to deal with news echo chambers
12. The backfire effect and the menace of fake news

Data Governance

1. The Zone of Mischief
2. A New Delhi Effect
3. The Third Way
4. Designing Data Governance
5. Data Breach
6. Exceptionally Simple
7. Digital Personal Data Protection
8. Asymmetry
9. Data Breach Notifications
10. The Unfulfilled Promise
11. National Priorities
12. Global Data Stability
13. Different Strokes
14. Autocracy or Vetocracy
15. Smart Regulation
16. Predicting the Future
17. To Forget or Not to Forget...
18. A New Westphalia
19. The Subscription Economy
20. Age Gating
21. Data is not the New Oil
22. Contract as Code
23. Why community data trustees should also be regulated
24. An opportunity lost for an internet we could all rely on
25. We need greater clarity on internet freedom in India
26. We may need a whole new approach to data protection
27. Agility should characterize the future of governance
28. We need a cost-benefit analysis of data localization
29. Why shutting down the internet is no longer an option
30. Skinny Solstice
31. Recommendation engines
32. Big Bad Data
33. The New Imperialists
34. Data is a Capital Asset

Digital Public Infrastructure

1. A New Model for UPI
2. In Favour of DPI
3. Looking Back on 2023
4. No-one Left Behind
5. Brazilian DPI
6. No Time for False Modesty
7. New Delhi Declaration
8. DPI Solutions
9. Digital Gender Inclusion
10. An Explosion of DPI
11. Existential Angst
12. Your Face is Your Boarding Pass
13. Alt Big Tech
14. Looking Back
15. Data Governance - The DPI Way
16. Neutral Global Infrastructure
17. Autocracy or Vetocracy
18. Centralise or Federate
19. Opening Closed Spaces
20. A Technolegal Approach to Data Transfers
21. The Dark Cloud over India's Micro-Entrepreneurs
22. Encoding Privacy Principles
23. New Umbrella Entities are not a good idea
24. We must act to stop the future from turning dystopian
25. Not All It Could Be
26. The Aadhaar amendment and private sector access
27. Ensuring that the vulnerable benefit from Aadhaar
28. The Aadhaar verdict: everybody lost


1. The Skies are Free
2. Free the Skies
3. Technological restrictions in the new drone policy
4. Drones to the rescue
5. Drones should be regulated by city traffic laws not aviation regulations

E Commerce

1. The Governance Module
2. Unpacking the Retail Stack
3. The App Store Tax
4. The Dark Cloud over India's Micro-Entrepreneurs
5. The App Store Evolves
6. The Beckn Protocol
7. The competition law and data advantage conundrum
8. The need for an online dispute resolution mechanism
9. India's draft e-commerce policy is more a miss than a hit
10. The future of retail
11. Perfect Price Discrimination
12. Digital Inclusion for the 85%


1. An education model that best suits the realities we face
2. Ready for the day the Machines Take Over


1. Traceability is Antithetical to Liberty
2. Prepare for a world of quantum haves and have-nots


1. The risk of planetary geoengineering
2. The circular economy

Future of Work

1. Hybrid Work
2. How the covid pandemic could reshape life in our cities
3. What will the new jobs look like?
4. The robots are taking our jobs
5. Ready for the day the Machines Take Over


1. The App Store Tax
2. The popularity and regulation of competitive eSports

Geopolitics of Technology

1. India’s 21st century dilemma of global non-alignment
2. How Britain got ahead of us in economic development


1. Micro Robots
2. Studying Human Infection
3. Neither Good Nor Bad
4. Rule Makers
5. In-Built Bias
6. Phages and Precision Medicine
7. Patient Capital
8. The Rural Challenge
9. The Vaccine Waiver
10. Vaccinate
11. The Cost of Orphan Drugs
12. The mission to put health records at doctors fingertips
13. Immunity passports might be inevitable as we go along
14. How the covid pandemic could reshape life in our cities
15. Aarogya Setu and the value of syndromic surveillance
16. Mobility datasets could help India exit the lockdown
17. The corona crisis must not make us shut the world out
18. Platform technologies could deliver a vaccine quickly
19. Forensic DNA technology and the miasma of distrust
20. The dilemma of trying out new cures for malaria
21. Manufacturing drugs on demand
22. The downside of gene editing
23. The use of technology in providing healthcare
24. Genetic matchmaking can improve medical outcomes
25. The lady with the lamp and data-driven medicine
26. A new direction for data privacy in healthcare
27. Does right to life include advance directives?
28. Genetic diseases should be covered by insurance
29. Breaking Down Data Silos
30. Path to Self Improvement
31. A la Carte Medicine
32. The Myth of the Average Man
33. The End of Life
34. Insuring Previvors
35. Rare Diseases: Orphan Drugs
36. Big Bad Data
37. Cutting the Code with CRISPR
38. A Database of our Maladies


1. Proof of Humanness
2. Aadhaar: The Fine Balance between Identity and Anonymity
3. The Evolution of Identity
4. The Stiff Backbone of the Aadhaar Bill


1. Idea Factories
2. Open Access
3. The Cycles of Technology
4. Problems and Solutions
5. Timing is Everything
6. Funding Science
7. Patient Capital
8. Subscribing to Things
9. Bring Back Interoperability
10. Leveraging new technologies for development
11. Where have all the polymaths gone?
12. In defence of friction
13. Biology as engineering
14. The Future of Ownership

Intellectual Property

1. NYT v. the LLMs
2. Does AI Copy
3. Rethinking Patents
4. Colour Me Purple
5. Ring Fencing
6. Should AI own IP
7. Let’s update the notion of ownership to the digital age
8. Biology as engineering
9. Cutting out the Middleman
10. The Remix Generation
11. The Artist and his Audience


1. The chilling consequences of the Internet of Things
2. It’s time to frame rules for our artificial companions
3. Easing the regulatory burden on the Internet of Things
4. How connected devices will change our lives
5. Quantified Self


1. Radical Map Reforms
2. Next Generation Map Technologies
3. The Everest Spheroid
4. Where Did Our Map Regulations Come From
5. What the New Geospatial Bill Means for You


1. The Unified Ledger
2. The Micropayment Alternative
3. The CBDC Alternative
4. The Underbelly of Digital Lending
5. Derived KYC
6. How to make online payments bustle with competition
7. Digital Inclusion for the 85%
8. Can we do without Cash


1. Age Tokens
2. Embracing ODR
3. We've Got Work To Do
4. The Business End of the DPDP Act
5. Around The Corner
6. Sharp Lines
7. Looking Back
8. Data Breach
9. Exceptionally Simple
10. Digital Personal Data Protection
11. Privacy Impact Assessment
12. Judge Made Laws
13. Unreasonable Enforcement
14. Light at the End of the Tunnel
15. Privacy Self-Management
16. Calculated Communication
17. Identity and Privacy
18. Overlap
19. Competition in Telecoms
20. Consent to Port
21. Data localization could soon be the worldwide reality
22. The untold story behind the evolution of privacy rights
23. Tech-enabled oversight could put innovation at threat
24. The Jio-Facebook deal and our need for a privacy law
25. Mobility datasets could help India exit the lockdown
26. The privacy features that are built into Aarogya Setu
27. Liberties yielded in this crisis could set a new normal
28. The trade-off between privacy and content traceability
29. The trouble with using DNA matches to nab criminals
30. A blueprint for an effective data protection authority
31. We may need a whole new approach to data protection
32. End-to-end encryption must be retained at all cost
33. A new framework for consent to ensure data privacy
34. The needle in the digital haystack
35. How capitalism evolved to drop its defence of privacy
36. Account aggregators and e-consent for credit markets
37. The utter meaninglessness of anonymizing telecom data sets
38. When privacy, the word of the year, came into its own
39. Restoring the original vision of the internet
40. The Aadhaar verdict: everybody lost
41. When parents damage their children’s digital privacy
42. Limiting the government’s ability to violate privacy
43. Balancing Big Data and privacy
44. The Achilles heel of the draft personal data Bill
45. Complexity will be the privacy law’s undoing
46. India should make clear laws on data collection
47. The unintended consequences of Europe’s GDPR
48. A new direction for data privacy in healthcare
49. India need not adopt the onerous European General Data Protection Regulation
50. Do away with consent to strengthen data privacy
51. Data subject first
52. Privacy and household finance
53. The Good and the Bad of the Privacy Ruling
54. A New Hope for Personal Privacy
55. Aadhaar: The Fine Balance between Identity and Anonymity
56. A New Paradigm for Privacy
57. Digital Inclusion for the 85%
58. Its Time for Coveillance
59. Quantified Self
60. A Database of our Maladies
61. The accountability framework
62. The Stiff Backbone of the Aadhaar Bill


1. Monopoly Over Dematerialised Violence
2. Pandora's Box
3. A New Delhi Effect
4. Around The Corner
5. New Electronic Records
6. Pre-Legislative Consultation
7. Data Breach Notifications
8. Smart Regulation
9. Striking a Balance
10. Breaking the Rules
11. Principle Based Regulations
12. Electronic Evidence
13. Retrospective
14. The Bright Side of Life
15. Platform Regulation
16. Agile Tech Regulations
17. The future is here. It is just not evenly distributed yet
18. We must guard against the casual disregard of science
19. A blueprint for an effective data protection authority
20. A three-point plan to improve tech policy formulation
21. Policy advocacy is really an exercise in compromise
22. Time to redo FDI in e-commerce in India
23. The Highway Ban
24. Path Dependence
25. FOMO and the Law
26. Regulatory Sandbox
27. Regtech Will Change the Way We Regulate
28. Lazy Legislation
29. Using Tech to Ensure Data Symmetry

Renewable Energy

1. The V2G Opportunity
2. We Don't Need Large Datasets
3. A rethink of the grid design to shape our energy future

Social Media

1. Sufficient Decentralisation
2. Federated Social Media
3. Context is King
4. The Big Tech + Media Bargain
5. The rise of TikTok and regulatory eyebrows in the US
6. The value of scepticism in the age of deep-fake videos
7. Why our attempt to escape online outrage might fail
8. End-to-end encryption must be retained at all cost
9. The government and Big Tech need to meet halfway
10. Technology is making us less open to divergent views
11. For the digital world, customer is truly king
12. Restoring the original vision of the internet
13. The psychology of hate
14. Needed: A Fact Rank Algorithm to Flag Fake News
15. The Movement of Ideas
16. Algorithmic Oversight
17. The New News


1. Space for the Private Sector
2. Elon Musk wants to colonise Mars but Earth needs to write its constitution first


1. Lessons on internet governance from the concert hall
2. Restoring the original vision of the internet


1. Somebody's Watching Me
2. The Subscription Economy
3. Why it’s not okay to compromise privacy for security
4. Internet was designed to understand and track us
5. When Algorithms Learn to Recognise You
6. Its Time for Coveillance


1. Neither Good Nor Bad
2. Safety Innovations
3. Musical Intelligence
4. Fear of the Unknown
5. Networked Thought
6. Retrospective
7. Tools For Thought
8. The future is here. It is just not evenly distributed yet
9. The case for meat options that taste like the real thing
10. Creative destruction and the global music industry
11. Decentralised Urban Management
12. The Morality of Technology
13. The Ethics of Persuasion
14. GPS is a Time Machine
15. From Ownership to Access


1. The Big Telecom Reform
2. Looking Back
3. Poorly Defined
4. Rethinking Telecom Regulation
5. The Great Unbundling of WiFi
6. The need to strengthen India’s internet infrastructure
7. The Centre could yet ride to the telecom sector’s rescue
8. A creeping expansion of TRAI’s authority


1. Truckin
2. Setting the Standard
3. Optimizing the flow of road traffic
4. Battery harmonization will help electric vehicles
5. The Future of Ownership
6. Uberisation of National Transport
7. The Ethics of Automation


1. How digital trust systems can guard against false data
2. Trust works two ways
3. False confidence
4. Trusting the Sharing Economy

Virtual Reality

1. Full Circle
2. The Future of Title
3. The Metaverse Opportunity
4. Get set for a blend of reality and its augmented version
5. Augmented Reality