Proof of Humanness

Worldcoin has been designed to address the concern that in a world saturated with artificial intelligence we are going to need a proof of humanness. As true as that might be, I believe we need to go much further. And also tackle truth in content.

Aadhaar: The Fine Balance between Identity and Anonymity

In “Homo Deus”, Yuval Noah Harari suggests that Homo sapiens’ success is due to our unique ability to believe in myths, like nation-states, which unite individuals under a common identity. This concept is crucial in modern society, where identity systems like India’s Aadhaar balance social responsibilities with personal privacy, highlighting the need for privacy laws to maintain this equilibrium.

The Evolution of Identity

With the introduction of Aadhaar, the concept of anonymity on the Internet has been diminishing in India. While this shift has benefits, it contrasts with the continued presence of anonymous trolls online. Embracing verified accounts could restore normalcy and trust on the Internet.

The Stiff Backbone of the Aadhaar Bill

While it is not without its flaws, the Aadhaar Act imposes some of the strongest fetters on government over-reach of any legislation in the country.