Future of Work

Hybrid Work

If the Future of Work is hybrid we will need to find a solution to the hybrid work paradox. We will need to find a way to allow everyone the flexibility to work from home when they want yet still be able to benefit from working collaboratively with their colleagues in the ways that we only know to make possible in office. This will call for rethinking meetings so that it works just as well with a mixture of in-person and dial in participants. We will need to re-think network security to account for people calling in from everywhere and not just from behind the office firewall.

How the covid pandemic could reshape life in our cities

Cities are dense hubs of economic activity. However when they come up against an epidemic like COVID-19, it prompts rethinking urban design, emphasizing remote work, local markets, and reduced physical contact, while considering the impact on migrant populations and urban efficiency.

What will the new jobs look like?

Despite the challenges of automation and a shrinking services sector, there is untapped potential for jobs in areas like fintech and healthcare. India should create new business models and employment opportunities by leveraging its unique economy, rather than relying on manufacturing as a temporary solution.

The robots are taking our jobs

The Luddite movement, originating in the late 1700s with Ned Ludham’s act of industrial defiance, evolved into a labor movement focused on collective bargaining rather than a blanket opposition to technology. Today, as technological advancements rapidly replace human jobs, society faces the prospect of a post-work future. This shift challenges traditional notions of work’s role in providing income and purpose, potentially leading to a society sustained by systems like Universal Basic Income and a reevaluation of life’s meaning beyond work.

Ready for the day the Machines Take Over

As cognitive machines begin to take over human decision-making functions, there is an urgent need to redesign education to promote creative thought and problem-solving. Without these changes, the next generation may be ill-equipped to stay ahead of the machines, risking being overwhelmed by technological advancements.