Neither Good Nor Bad

We tend to think of technology as either “good” nor “bad” based on the outcomes it has. This is futile as in most instances any harms that may be caused by technology is on account of how it is used and by whom.

Safety Innovations

New Technologies require regulators to think innovatively about safety. To find a way to encourage experimentation and yet not do so at the cost of human safety. This is a difficult line to draw but draw it we must.

Musical Intelligence

As artificial intelligence enters into the music industry, incumbents have already begun to resist the transformation it will inevitably bring. But change is inevitable and it is only those artists who are able to embrace it who will survive the transition.

Fear of the Unknown

Our instinctive reaction to new and revolutionary technology is often fear of consequences that we cannot predict. But if we can rein in our instincts and conquer our fears, maybe we can master of the technology.

Networked Thought

Most knowledge management systems are deliver on the expectations knowledge workers have of them. Tools for networked thought are ideal to develop the sorts of big picture thinking that needs to be part of a legal knowledge management system. The more you use these systems the more information they surface.