Age Tokens

One of the more worrisome provisions of India’s new data protection law has to do with processing of children’s data - and in particular, how data fiduciaries should go about verifying the age of those whose data they process. Thanks to India’s digital public infrastructure, I believe we may have a novel solution.

A New Model for UPI

For the longest time, questions have been raised about the business model for UPI and how the industry should charge for its services. The government has prohibited MDR on UPI transactions, but it should still be possible for us to develop a new revenue model.

In Favour of DPI

Last year there was widespread support for India’s DPI approach—with countries around the world hailing its achievements, and looking to emulate them. Over the past few months, however, the voices of dissent have grown steadily louder. Rather than allow arguments against DPI to go unanswered, I thought it best to deal with them head-on.

Casino or Computer

Cryptocurrency regulation has, so far, focussed on been on the mitigating the risk to speculative investors. But there is a far more important innovation that is embeded into the architecture and design of modern crypto currency. This is what regulators should be looking to better understand.


We tend to resist change. We worry about the ways in which it could alter our existing way of life and the harms that could result as a consequence. But these technological changes almost always end up being nowhere near as frightening as they first seemed.