Renewable Energy

The V2G Opportunity

If we had built our grid based on renewable power generation we would have made battery storage a part of grid design. Now as we transition away from centralised to distributed power generation V2G solutions offer a useful alternatives that India, given its recent policy changes, is ideally suited to implement.

We Don't Need Large Datasets

Ford’s internal combustion engine car beat Edison’s EV to the market and as a result we are on our current fossil fuel dependent path. What if things were different. Few Shot Learning is an alternative to data guzzling artificial intelligence models that allows us to not be dependent on large datasets.

A rethink of the grid design to shape our energy future

The economics of modern electricity requires huge power plants to be established at remote locations and be connected to our homes and offices through the grid, a network of transmission and distribution lines that ensures availability of electricity in our power sockets whenever we need it. This centralized model doesn’t contemplate storing energy. Instead it calls for 24/7 power generation, varying the amount of energy generated only by season and time of day based on the anticipated load.