The Skies are Free

By repealing the drones regulations it passed just 4 months previously the government has demonstrated that it is willing to listen to public feedback and promote a more business friendly regulatory framework. What is critical is for the new regulations to carefully define the airspace map for drone operations and to remove the penal consequences that the new framework has imposed.

Free the Skies

The March 2021 Unmanned Aircraft Rules have imposed such a heavy compliance burden on drones that any hope of a drone renaissance has become vanishingly slim. Unless the government liberalises these restrictions it will have a chilling effect on the drone industry at a time when it should be having its iPhone moment.

Technological restrictions in the new drone policy

The 2018 drone policy imposes registration and tech requirements on all but the smallest drones and requires all drones to incorporate NPNT technology that will allow for automated flight approvals through the digital sky platform.

Drones to the rescue

Rwanda changed its laws to allow drone deliveries of blood from blood banks to remote areas. On the other hand, India that is known for its jugaad in innovation has introduced laws that have stifled innovation in drones.